Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Miss Aria Louise...

My little princess is 2! What a joy Aria has been in my life. I don't think I could have ever imagined how much love I would have for my daughter before she arrived. She has become Miss Independent "I do it" and watching her grow up is so much fun!

10 things I love about my daughter!

10. The way she has to play with someone/any one's hair when she is tired (I will be lucky if I'm not bald in a couple years.)!
9. The way she pronounces her words and says "Yeah" to everything you ask her.
8. When she buries her head in my shoulder and says I yuv u mama...with a squinty grin on her face.
7. Her little obsessive compulsive behaviors that makes cleaning very easy. She has to put toys away when she's done!
6. That she already bargains with you when she doesn't get her way!
5. Watching her closely observe and then turn food away because it has "yuckies". (Yuckies are ANYTHING out of the ordinary on a piece of food, i.e. a speck of pepper, a string or jagged piece of food, a seed, out of place crumb, etc.)
4. When she sleeps with me and has to wedge herself in as close as possible, with her head on my pillow, even if she has her own.
3. When I pick her up from school and the moment she sees me she sprints towards me and jumps in my arms.
2. How she is afraid of little things like shadows, statues and sounds...but will jump head first in a lake with no hesitation.
1. Listening to her sing familiar songs, but with whatever words are on her mind. (example: singing the tune to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but putting "Happy Feet" in for all words).

Thank you Aria for bringing me endless joy and for making all the stresses of everyday life disappear when I see your smiling face. I LOVE YOU!!!

Here are some pictures from her 2 year "Princess" Party. Please excuse Aria's white shirt that got completely stained in the first 20 minutes of her party from Watermelon juice and bright pink stamp ink. Thank you to all of our family that made this day special!


What a lovely white shirt!


Chubby princess cake

Singing Happy Birthday (she was a little bit nervous!)

Enjoying her new books.

Eating cake.