Monday, November 3, 2008

My Little Cowgirl

We wanted Aria to be Mickey Mouse for Halloween, but the only costume I liked was sold out. So...we decided that she would probably love to be something from Toy Story since that is one of her very favorite movies. Obviously Buzz Lightyear and Woody were out since she is a girl, so the next best choice was Jessie! There was an adorable costume on the Disney website so I ordered it. My Mom found her matching cowboy boots, a hat, and a stick horse! She wanted nothing to do with the hat so I ended up carrying it the whole night, but the boots were a hit. She is still wearing her "jessiboots" all over. Here are some pictures from Halloween. We went trick-or-treating downtown Gresham then went and visited family and friends. Aria loved getting candy from people that SHE decided weren't scary, but anyone she didn't feel comfortable with she wouldn't hold her basket out and would pull us past them. A couple of people who were dressed up in scary costumes tried to put candy in her basket and she would take the candy out and throw it! Kind of embarrassing!!!! She would yell "I don't want it!". This kid has opinions about EVERYTHING. But...I must say she makes a pretty darn cute cowgirl :)


Taurean and Jenn said...

She makes a cute little "Jessie" from Toy Story. Glad you guys had a fun Halloween!!

The Hunt House said...

That is ADORABLE!!! I miss you! Aaron came home and told me he cleaned out his desk at work. THen he proceeded to tell me all of the things he found that he had never mailed. I package for you was one of them along with my many other bday anniversary cards, etc. I was so mad! Anyway, he is going to try and get that to you soon. Happy halloween!!!! Talk to you soon.